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Keyword Research

Taken as the most crucial step for the optimization of any website, these words are identification key of requirements of target visitors.  Nevertheless, it takes a lot of time if performed correctly but it is important for websites to provide them a continuous flow of quality targeted traffic.

Regarded as the first step towards SEO, keyword research involves an analysis of the right keyword, this helps in yielding the highest ROI. In accordance with the detailed study conducted of the keyword, the product reaches to customers via search-engine.

Right keywords are highly responsible for the ranking of website on the search engine and thus for the number of visitors visiting the website.

With strategy to speak the language of visitors, we have an expertise in key-word search and this provide you the assurance of hitting the target with the right keywords. With the help of tools and strategic research, our team will pick on the keywords best suited for your business. This is an ongoing process in which new keywords are selected and added in accordance with the specific Industry.

There are three major stages of keyword research-

Keyword Identification

This step is about finding the keywords, which target visitors are currently using. This step of keyword research also involves finding many keywords or keyword phrases- related to the content of the site. To accomplish the process, an in-depth study of the market should be conducted and then right keyword should be determined. To speed-up the process, a wide-range of online tools is available. After selecting one of them, keywords are organised in relevance of their popularity.  

Industry Oriented Research
This stage of keywords research includes short-listing of industry specific keywords. First it helps in understanding of business and then in study of product specific industry. Identification of the keyword is the next stage.  The specific keywords attract more visitors. This phase also include research and collection of data.

With all the know-how of the industry, out team at Binary understands your need, proceed forward to provide you a complete range of Industry oriented keywords.

Competitive Analysis

This step of key word research is all about analysis of strength of competitors for potential keywords. Competitive factors include the optimization issues and number of relevant inbound links, which are received by them. Strategic placement of content to increase ranking of search-engines are another important factor of the stage.

Nowadays, there is an assortment of tools, which can be brought to use for effective keyword research. Right keywords and right content is a perfect way in the direction of strengthening the strategy of ‘‘speaking visitor’s language’’.

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