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Software Testing

Defect free and user friendly softwares and products gain popularity in no time. It increases the level of confidence of the purchaser in the organisation. Software testing is therefore, an integral and critical phase of software development project to ensure a flawless product.

At Binary, the software goes through different levels and phases of rigorous testing before it is declared as defect- free. The reliability, stability, portability, maintainability and usability are tested for any kind of bottlenecks.

We employ various processes of thorough investigation to provide you with impeccable offshore software testing. Binary's engineers perform a number of mock tests on the software and prepare a report depending on its behavior and response to the probing of the testing engineer. Our engineers are well-equipped to handle both manual & automated testing based on test plans using state-of-the-art software testing tools.

The team has the acumen to handle both manual & automated testing by using state-of-the-art software testing tools based. Mock test is done; the answers and the behavior are keenly observed so that no bug remains. We employ a methodical approach of thorough investigation for software testing.

Binary Semantics' ingenious and guileless staff makes sure that the final product is thoroughly checked, is bug free and user-friendly. We inspire to provide you with innovation and above all we specialise in recognising your requirements and providing services accordingly.

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Binary's Application Management Services are integrated with a combination of the latest technologies and innovative strategies. This results in efficient and robust applications to help increase the productivity of your business.


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