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Software Development

As an unending process, human mind cannot stop making new ideas thus inventing and developing new technologies. In a complex method, involving number of steps, software development is also a part of such quest. Read on to know more about the software development life cycle. 

Data Study: This is considered as the first step in the development of software. With the requirement of new system, in includes a comprehensive study of pros and cons of proposed solution.

Requirement Analysis: second step of software development includes an analysis of needs of the target users. The analysis comprehends studies of organizational environment and the system being used. These details are recorded for reference during the complete development process to ensure the developing project allies with needs of the end-user.

Design & Specification: After short-listing every requirement, integrated errors and problems of the final-system is detected by creating a draft design.

Coding: In the fourth step of software development, final system is created by IS professionals.

Testing: Final step of the software development includes testing of functions. Apart from this, it also incorporates feeding of old data into the new system and an adequate training to people to use the technology.

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