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Core Values

Motivation is what that drives work culture at Binary. In a heartening atmosphere with helpful attitude, Binary employees receive an opportunity to walk on a platform that offers knowledge and growth as well.

Exhibiting an absolute integrity in work accomplishment, Binary workers live up to their commitments and proffer the best in accordance with their competencies. Here, every employee is treated with respect.

Believing in work-culture tinted with fun, we never drape the word ‘professionalism’ with stuffy and boring activities. Binary always promotes healthy competition, as it is supposed to be the perfect way to draws out the best.

With a faith in the Golden Rule of friendly, courteous, fair and concerned interactions and dealings, we have a great respect for our core values.

Components of core values at Binary


Novelty & Diversity, through Individual opportunity & flexibility.


Space & Control over one's life: Dissent / expression


Leadership, Empathy & Accountability

Self – Esteem

Realization of Capabilities & Potentials: Increase in Self-Worth & Org Value


Building Synergy through Coordination & Empathy: Respect and understanding of each other

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